The departmental library contains books, magazines and articles that are relevant to today's times and needs. Topics range from policing in an educational environment to metal detector procedures. Some items are available to everyone, while some are available to Police Officers only. We also have some items that can not be removed, but are available to be read at the library.

The library is located in the police department at 2900 N. Loop 336 East in Conroe. The contact person is the Police Chief's secretary DeeAnn Winslett at 936-709-8900

Here is a brief listing of just some of the books we have available for checkout. To see what's available, or to check out a specific publication, visit our department headquarters.

ID # Title Audience
3078 Bullying: An Overview for Educators Administrators
3432 Coping with Crisis-A Resource for Schools, Parents and Communities Community
3070 Coping with Crisis - Lessons Learned Community

3073 Early Warning Timely Response - A Guide to Safe Schools Community
3059 Not in My School! - A pro-active guide to school violence prevention Administrators
3428 Poverty - A framework for understanding and working with students and adults from poverty Community
3062 Prison Gang Tattoos - Pictures and info on gangs and their tattoo's Community
3278 School Security Screening with Metal Detectors - A basic planning handbook Administrators
3067 Shattered Lives - What you need to know now about your child and drugs Community
3054 Threats in Schools - A practical guide to managing violence Administrators
3058 What Works - School Without Drugs Community
3071 Youth Resource Manual - How to find help in your town Community
3261 Weapons of Mass Destruction Training Program Police
3261 Field Assistance Handbook Police
3327 Family Abduction - How to prevent an abduction and what to do if your child is abducted Community
3001 Hate Crime Statistics Community
3326 Children Traumatized in Sex Rings Administrators
3069 Handbook for screening Adolescents at Psychosocial Risk Administrators
3335 The Art of Profiling - Reading people right the first time Administrators
3061 Visions for Tomorrow - Curriculum for children who have been diagnosed with a brain disorder Community
3056 The Gang Intervention Handbook Community
3423 Journal of School Violence Administrators
3110 Juvenile Justice - Investing in Girls: A 21st Century Strategy Community
3055 Keeping Kids Drug Free - the Official Parent's Guide Community
3324 Knowing My 8 Rules for Safety: Multilingual child safety and prevention tips Community
3425 NIJ - Law Enforcement and Corrections Standards and Testing Administrators
3431 Promising Strategies to reduce gun violence Community
3439 Blauvelt on Making Your Schools Safe Administrators
3330 Child Molesters: A Behavioral Analysis Police

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