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Chat Room Guide

Click on the image at left to go to the Chat Room information page of the British Broadcasting Center website. This site provides an enormous amount of information on the perils of chat rooms and how to protect your children from some of the predators that lurk there.

Net Smartz website

Net Smartz

Net Smartz is devoted to keeping teens safer on the web. It is sponsored by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Protection to name a few. It provides sections for Parents and Guardians, Educators, Law Enforcement, Teens and Kids. In the upper right corner you will notice a 411 symbol. once on the website, click the symbol to learn about web language, symbols amd acronyms. This is a very comprehensive site to assist and educate everyone on web safety.

Predator Guard software image

Predator Guard Software

One in five children who go on-line are approached by predators!

Children who go online have become a prime target for predators and pedophiles. Chat rooms and instant messaging programs are a haven for online predators to lure children into cyber sex and into giving them personal information about themselves.

Click on the image at left for product information.

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Teens and Guardians

"Don't Believe the Type" is for teens, and provides areas such as "Know the Dangers", "Situations to Avoid", and "Surf Safer". A game called "ID the Creep!" is also available.

For guardians, the site provides many tools and ideas to help you help your child to be safer on the internet. This wonderful and informative site is part of the National Center for missing and exploited children.

To visit the Cyber Tipline site, click on the image to the right.