Community Oriented Policing in Education

Policing in an educational environment is unique. Like our counterparts in municipal and county policing agencies, school district policing focuses its strategies on prevention, intervention and suppression. In developing our policing strategies, ISD Police Departments must also become a part of the community it serves. Therefore, the Conroe ISD Police Department has adopted a community- oriented policing philosophy. However, unlike our counterparts, solutions to our community problems have more restrictions and become much more complex to implement. Our policing strategies must focus on more prevention and intervention than its counterparts in the municipal and county policing agencies. Policing in the educational environment is a pivotal component to any effective community- based solution that targets youth violence and crime reduction. The Conroe ISD Police Department has established a strong presence in the community through our Community Oriented Policing in Education, C.O.P.E., philosophy. Our C.O.P.E. model creates the necessary interactive process between school district personnel, students, and parents to identify problems and practically resolve and prevent major anti-social and/or criminal behavior of CISD students and patrons so a safe and orderly learning environment is maintained for all CISD campuses and programs. We will continue to strengthen this relationship because safe schools depend on the collaboration between schools, students, parents and the community. Everyone plays a role in the success of safe schools. Working together with our community, we are Safeguarding the Future . . . Today!



Click Here to download the C.O.P.E. model. (PDF)